Szymon Boczek - Photographer was born in 1992. He studied photography at Academy of Photography in Warsaw.
He is working for fashion as well as commercial clients like Etam, Le Collet, Makalu, Izabella Budryn Jewellery, Tom Sebastien, Laurelle, Carrefour, Delio, VIVA! 
His editorial and advertisement projects have appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, Elle, Varsovie Magazine, The Classy Issue.
They all clients value his personality, artistic advice and professional approach. Szymon stands for authenticity, skills and knowledge to perform job to the highest standards. He assumes that once you know all the rules of photography, you can break them at will. In his style main focus is on the light that is always the most refined and thoughtful element of the image.

Szymon Boczek represented by AGVE STUDIO

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